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Parts List for Sandwich Prep Models:

S29-HC, S29-MT-HC, S48-HC, S48-MT-HC

S61-HC, S61-MT-HC, S72-HC, S72-MT-HC​

Entree Xtra Reach-in Models

Refrigerators: ERB1X, ERB2X, ERB3X,

Freezers: EFB1X. EFB2X, EFB3X

Entree Xtra Part List for Cake Diplay Cabinets

Entree Xtra Reach-in Models

Refrigerators: ERB12X, ERB19X, ERB35X,

Freezers: EFB12X. EFB19X, EFB35X

Entree Xtra  Merchandiser Refrigerators & Freezers:

Entree Xtra 27" Beer Draft Coolers

Entree Xtra Glass Froster - Slide Top

Bottom Mount Refrigerators: CR1-HC, CR2-HC, & CR3-HC

Entree Xtra Pizza Prep Models: PX47-HC, PX70-HC, PX94-HC

Entree Xtra Bottle Cooler - Slide Top

Entree Xtra Glass Door Reach-in Models


Parts List for HC Under Counter/Worktop Refrigerators and Freezers​:

​UR27-HC, UF27-HC, UR48-HC, UF48-HC, UR61-HC, UF61-HC,

UR72-HC, UF72-HC (WORKTOPS are the same refrigeration components as the under counter models)

Entree Xtra Part List for Under Counter Refer & Freezer

Entree Models

​These models will not have an "X" in the model number.

Entree Xtra 27" Back Bar Bottle Cooler (Solid & Glass Door)

Entree Xtra Prep Models: EST27X, EST36X, EST60X, EST70X


Entree Xtra 24" Back Bar Bottle Cooler (Solid & Glass Door)

Entree Xtra Part List for Deli Cabinets

Entree Xtra Part List for Ice Cream Cabinets

Merchandisers All Models - Refrigerators and Freezers

​​​Entree Xtra Chef Base Models

Parts List for Pizza Prep Models: P47-HC, P70-HC, and P94-HC

Entree Xtra 27" Single Door Back Bar Bottle Cooler & Single Door Draught Beer Cooler​

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Entree Xtra Models

​These model will have an "X" in the model number.

HC- Parts Lists (Freon R290 & R600)

Bottle Cooler - Slide Top: BST-36-HC, BST-50-HC, BST-65-HC, AND BST-94-HC