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About Entree, LLC.

Our Story

How can Entrée sell such a Professional, High Quality, Durable line of refrigeration and cooking equipment at such a great price?

The Entrée line was developed by Henry Coletti and myself 17 years ago.  At that time, we had over 60 years of combined food service equipment experience. Henry was the ex-president of Vulcan and one of the true industry icons, and he is still one of the most loved and recognized people in our industry.  With great sadness, Henry passed in 2015 but his mark on the industry will last forever.  He touched hundreds of people in all phases of our industry and he is truly missed.  Henry was president of Vulcan Hart and later named president of ITW FEG-North America’s cooking division. He remained active in an advisory capacity to ITW-FEG throughout 2001. That year, he was the first recipient of the FEDA President’s Dealer-Based Distribution Award. Other honors include awards from MAFSI and an honorary doctorate from Johnson & Wales University.  It was years later that Henry and I started a company that would become Entrée LLC.

We understood that food service end users demanded high quality, durable, efficient equipment that is reliable, especially during heavy peak periods.  You did not want to pay for excessive advertising and non-equipment related costs - you wanted high quality at the best price possible.  That is the foundation our business which we have strived to work toward.   

We changed the rules on traditional manufacturing distribution, cutting non-essential product sales and marketing costs!  With direct manufacture to distributor pricing and container load deliveries we eliminated expensive non product costs such as marketing, warehousing, excessive small shipment freight and sales commissions.  Sales were selected to leading distributors nationally; the result is superior product and price, supported by the industry’s premier service support team.  The result is the best quality price/value product available today. 

To ensure each unit works every time, we have the most rigorous quality control standards in the industry. Before the Entrée name is attached, each unit goes through our rigorous QC40/18 test.  Our FUSS warranty program is the best in the industry to support our after the sale warranty support.

Thank you for considering Entrée Products, you will be very pleased with years of reliable performance. 

J. Mark Suchecki